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Dear Friend,

If you've just experienced a DUI arrest you must realize that this is a problem you must FACE.    Putting a DUI arrest on the backburner or having the attitude that it's not a serious problem can seriously ruin your current employment, future employment, car insurance rates, and overall financial situation.

What About Those With Older DUI Conviction Records?

I understand how it is to be walking around with a DUI.  Years ago I personally understood.  It was as if I was walking around with a HUGE target on my forehead and being labeled as uneducated, stupid, an alcoholic, and not worthy of good insurance rates or proper employment.

What I didn't understand at the time and what most people will never understand is that it's possibly to clear your DUI record completely.  I'm serious... it's possible for you to keep it from showing up on any background check in all 50 states. 

You can seriously minimize the effect a DUI conviction will have on your life by following a few simple steps.   Most people never take this action because they simply have no idea that it's possible.


  • Fact:  1 in every 135 licensed drivers in the United States are arrested for DUI each year.

  • Fact:  The average DUI conviction will cost the driver $6,000

  • Fact:  A DUI is said to be one of the most emotional, expensive, and mentally draining traffic stops a licensed driver will ever face in his or her lifetime.

Don't become a statistic!  Keep reading to learn how to clear or significantly minimize the effects a DUI will have on YOUR LIFE!




I'm sure you've realized by now that whether or not you were just having a couple of drinks or you were seriously intoxicated it doesn't matter one bit to your state or the officer.

The reality is a DUI arrest is a crime that has been modeled into an expensive punishment no matter what the situation.

Here's what happens when you are convicted of DUI:

  • Your drivers license will be suspended for 1 year.

  • Your insurance will be labeled as "high risk" which will result in your premium being significantly higher for years to come.

  • Your future employment will be seriously limited due to the reality that in today's cut throat job market 99.99% of companies will see your DUI record and refuse to hire you because of it.

  • You will lose an average of 70 hours of your valuable time due to DUI Risk Reduction classes, community service hours, and court appearances.

  • You will experience fines, court costs, DUI class fees, and lawyer fees that will cost you thousands of dollars.

... But what if you could stop a DUI in its TRACKS?

DUISaver.com is here for one reason, to help you clear or limit the effects an unfortunate situation.  One night should not impact the rest of your life. 

It just isn't fair that a couple of drinks can make you stand out and look like a criminal in the eyes of court officials, insurance agents, current and future employers, family members, and your acquaintances.

You should be able to walk around with your head up and be able to drive like a normal citizen, obtain a fair insurance premium, and receive any job you want. 

The DUISaver.com Official Course is committed to showing you the exact steps you must take to protect your life as you know it.

You have the ability to clear your DUI record in almost any state.  For those states that do not allow DUI records to be cleared we expose critical steps you can take to significantly reduce the effect your DUI will have on your record and life.

Please don't be a part of most average citizens who do nothing more than accept the DUI conviction and endure the hardships of excessive fines, penalties, and limited opportunities that it will have on the rest of their life.

You Can CLEAR Your DUI Record Or At The Very LEAST Significantly MINIMIZE The Effects A DUI Will Have On YOUR Life


The DUISaver.com Official Course is a step-by-step full explanation of what has happened to you as well as what you need to do right now to clear or significantly minimize the effects a DUI will have on your life as you know it.

The course covers important aspects such as getting your drivers license back, saving serious amounts of money on fines and auto insurance premiums, and what you need to know about DUI lawyers. 

We've done all the researched and put everything into a step-by-step format that anyone can follow.


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Here's just SOME of what you'll learn in the DUISaver.com Official Course:

Step-By-Step Process To Clearing or Significantly Minimizing The Effects A DUI Will Have On Your Life

How To Save Serious Money On The Expensive SR-22 requirement!  Save Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars!

Why Your State Most Likely Has NO Record of Your Offense!  The Steps You MUST Follow to Ensure They Never Receive Record of Your Offense.

The Most Common Ways People Accused of DUI WIN In Court!

Strategies You NEED To Use To Get Your Drivers License BACK!

The Steps You Need To Follow To Clean Your Rap Sheet!

How and When Insurance Companies Check Your Driving Record - The Steps You Have To Take To Keep Them From Raising Your Rates!

The Exact Method Companies Use To Check Your Background - We Reveal How To Pass Any Background Check Even If A DUI Is On Your Record

Friend, you can give into your local court and begin to follow the long process of dealing with getting your license back, paying high insurance premiums, and being frightened of your employment situation


You can learn step-by-step how to clear or significantly minimize the effects a DUI will have on your record.

This is a real solution that courts keep hidden from you.  A small percentage of people who are arrested for DUI realize these strategies and use them well to their advantage.  The large percentage of people fall into every trap the officer and court throws at them.




Introducing ....

Saving Yourself From DUI: The Steps You Need To Take



'Saving Yourself From DUI' is a powerful course that reveals step-by-step how you can clear or significantly reduce the effects a DUI will have on your drivers license, financial situation, and emotional well-being.

By learning the strategies we teach in this 52 page course will learn strategies that can save you thousands of dollars in mistakes.

... Pay special attention to the last chapter of the book as this is where we reveal the top ways people get out of a DUI conviction in court.

Still have questions?

Read below as we have addressed the most commonly asked questions submitted to our team:

Q: My state does not allow for DUI records to be cleared, what should I do?

A: Even if your state does not allow for your DUI record to be cleared, there is still a LOT you can do.  First off, the DUISaver.com course will show you exactly how to minimize everything possible you can do for your state.  Second, it will show you how to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the SR-22 requirement for insurance.  The strategies you will learn for getting re-licensed, minimizing the effects of the DUI conviction, and auto insurance information is well worth the small price of the DUISaver.com course even if it's not possible for your DUI to be completely cleared in your state.

Q: What other costs should I expect to incur to clear a DUI off of my record?

A: There will be no other major costs from us or anyone else.  Everyone we outline in the course can be easily done for less then $20.  The only fees you should incur are related to filing paperwork and other minor expenses. 

Q: What if my offense was years ago, is there anything I can still do?

A: Even if your DUI offense was years ago there's still many steps you can take to minimize the effects it will have on you now and in the future.  We will show you steps you can take from having it come up on public record searches as well as show you other strategies that may still pertain to you. 

Q: Do you offer customer service?  What if I need help?

A: Yes we do offer customer service, but we must stress that we are NOT lawyers!  We cannot give you any legal advice whatsoever.  We can only guide you through the information in our guide.  At no point via e-mail or telephone can we give you advice on your individual case. 

Q: What if your information doesn't help me with my situation?  Can I get a refund?

A:  Yes, if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase we will happily give you a refund. 


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I guarantee you will be satisfied with the results from 'DUI Saver' or I will refund 100% of your money.


100% Risk FREE!  Take a FULL 60 days to try out 'DUI Saver' yourself.  If you're not completely satisfied with the results you receive in your hearing, then simply ask for a 100% refund - no questions asked!



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I hope you truly see the value we have put together for you today.  A DUI conviction can seriously impact your life.  We have put enough REAL value in this course through intensive research and experience that could realistically save you thousands of dollars.

All the best,

The DUI Saver Team


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